The start of the journey


This is my first time blogging, well I do have a blog elsewhere but I do not use that one. So about myself, I am 17 years old and studing A levels currently, subjects are English Literature, Psychology, Philosophy & Ethics and Business. I have always had a passion for writing  and never had the chance to express myself, hence the blog, I want to tell you about myself and my experiences without no one knowing my true identity, I rather not be judged by people. I am a fun, outgoing person who loves a laugh, I am a true fashionista and spend every ounce of my soul shopping, I tend to put this facade on of being bitchy and rude but thats not my true self I am not the one to show emotions out in front of people. The people who have got to know me will understand, but all in all I love myself for who I am and you should to.

From now on all my followers are going to be called the Casket Girls xxx


A x